Kerby Damery, a former racecar driver, was born and raised in Macon, IL. He survives today through his wife Nikki Damery & his two sons Blake and Luke Damery and his wife, Ashely, and daughter Verrah Leah Nicole Damery.

Kerby grew up in a large loving family, child number 10, who was an extraordinary person who and an inspiration to others. He was encouraging, enjoyed making people laugh and always had great wisdom, His laugh was contagious that spread good cheer and love to others.

His parents, the late Cecil and Esther Damery, operated a family-owned business, (Decatur-Danville Scale Company) Damery Bros. Scale company since 1951. In fact, they helped pour the concrete walls around the racetrack at Macon Speedway. As payment, the owner of racetrack at that time let the Damery family get into the races for free.

As a driver he drew inspiration by many of the sports legends to become a driver himself and eventually grew into a lifelong passion for racing. In 1986? At the age of 21 he bought his first race car & competed in sportsman class, eventually winning the Macon Speedway Track Championship in 1990. Later he moved up to the Late Model Class which was built & maintained by his dedicated race team consisting of close family & friends. He enjoyed racing in his hometown at the Macon Speedway as well as several other tracks across the Midwest.

In 2007, at the age of 42 Kerby was diagnosed with Stage IV Appendix Cancer. Through his cancer journey he underwent numerous surgeries, chemotherapy & radiation treatments. He was racing to win the fight of his life. All throughout he remained faithful, strong, & positive despite the many setbacks he endured during the 9-year journey. He fought with determination, courage, & bravery. He was KERBYSTONG! Kerby Damery passed on February 8, 2015, at the age of 49. He did not lose his battle to cancer, he won it by living life to the fullest, inspiring others, and touching the lives of so many around him. His spirit will remain forever KERBYSTRONG!

The KERBYSTRONG Foundation was formed in memory of Kerby’s vibrant spirit of life as well as honoring his passion for racing. His legacy lives on through our KERBYSTRONG Foundation.

Giving back to help cancer patients in our community! The proceeds benefit patients who need immediate financial assistance and support Cancer Navigators – to help assist cancer patients through their journey so no one fights alone!

In 2023, KERBYSTRONG Foundation (KSF) donated $20,000!

Since 2015, KSF has raised over $200,000!

What We Do


To INSPIRE others to never give up and have a winning attitude


EDUCATE about cancer awareness and screening


SUPPORT patients through their cancer journey


“We are so grateful for your donation in support of our cancer patients. There are often many barriers to receiving care, and the financial assistance you have provided over the years has made a huge impact on our patients and care givers. We have been able to provide gas assistance for travel to receive treatment, help pay for prescriptions, and assist with costs of daily living. Your generous donations have truly made a difference in the lives of others.

We appreciate your support more than words can express.”

Leslie Roberts, Oncology Social Worker
Cancer Center of Decatur
Decatur Memorial Hospital

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